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roofing services

Manufactured by Euroclad Limited in the UK and Ireland,the Vieo standing seam roof and wall cladding system (Vieo Website) is a cost effective alternative to traditional lead, zinc and copper roofing and is available as an insulated or uninsulated system.Aesthetically pleasing,Vieo can be produced in aluminium or steel substrates with a range of colours and finishes to suit industrial,commercial,retail and domestic projects.Vieo is also available in curved or tapered, allowing the builder to overcome some complicated and unusual design challenges.A full supply and installation or supply only service is available for Velux roof widows and other daylight systems to compliment the Vieo system..Please contact our office for details.

Vale Roofing can also provide a bespoke flashing and detailing service, and rainwater goods in both steel and aluminium.


Also manufactured by Euroclad Limited in the UK and Ireland,the Euroseam standing seam roofing system (Euroseam Website) would tend to be used predominantly in the industrial,commercial or retail sectors.Euroseam is formed from aluminium usually in a stucco finish but can also be produced to a specified colour.Euroseam sheets can be formed in lengths up to 14 metres in the factory and then delivered to site. lengths above 14 metres will be formed on site employing a mobile rolling mill using the latest technology.
One of the main advantages of using Euroseam is that large areas of roofing can be covered in a relatively short space of time and because the sheets are seamed as opposed to fixed,there are no penetrations in the outer skin so the end user is far less likely to experience water ingress if installed correctly.Low ‘U’ values can also be achieved dependant on thickness of insulation specified.
Bespoke flashings and rainwater systems are also available for this product.

Composite Roofing and Cladding

Insulated composite panels for roof and walls are available in a variety of low maintenance,easy to install options.Thermal performance and fire rating are dependent on the thickness and type of insulation specified.The insulation forms the core between the inner and outer skin of the panel during the manufacturing process.The panels can be produced in both steel and aluminium in numerous colours and finishes.Trapezoidal roof panels are through fixed and are usually specified for pitches of 5 degrees and above.There are low pitched options also available as well as curved panels and daylight systems from Brett Martin (Brett Martin Website) and Filon (Filon Website ) amongst others.
The greatest advantage of using using a composite panel when considering your roofing material options is the speed of installation.This reduces the amount of labour required making it  very cost effective.Because it is possible to install thousands of meters in a short space of time,it is a suitable option for very large projects.

Built up roofing and wall systems

Trapezoidal ‘built up’ metal roofing or wall cladding systems comprise an inner liner sheet usually with a white underside and an external weather sheet with a protective coating on the top side in a specified colour.They are separated by a spacer system to create a cavity for insulation to achieve a specified ‘U’ value.The insulation is usually mineral fibre and is loose laid on top of the lining sheet.This is a through fixed system and is only suitable for pitches above 5 degrees. (Euroclad ‘Elite Systems’ Website)

Waterproofing and penetrations

Vale Roofing is now able to offer a full waterproofing and repair service for detailing work around roofing and sidewall penetrations on both new build and refurbishment projects.Using the Triflex (Triflex Website) liquid applied waterproofing system,we can deliver high levels of technical performance with a wide range of colour,texture and design options.Fully Guaranteed,this system can provide peace of mind when considering options available for keeping your building watertight.This system is also suitable for balcony’s and walkways.

Drainage Systems

To compliment all our roofing systems,vale roofing can provide numerous types of gutters and rainwater goods to accompany all of the roofing systems we currently install.Gutters can be manufactured from both Steel and aluminium using the latest design and technology to ascertain the most suitable system for each individual project and come fully guarateed.UPVC gutters fascias and downpipes are also available in various colours at short notice from our suppliers.